The Future of Nutrition.

Nutrition is the Future.

Technology will drastically change the way we nourish the world in 2050. It is time to include it in nutrition.
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FUTURE OF NUTRITON makes those start-ups visible developing products and services to make nutrition personalized and data-driven. Read about them on our blog.




Although our shelves are packed with food and we are overloaded with nutritional information, diet has become the second highest risk factor for an early death after smoking - that's one in five deaths globally according to THE LANCET.

Health and a balanced diet are inextricably linked, meaning the right amount of nutrients is the best basis for a healthy life. There is still however, a lack of transparency regarding the true nutritional content that ends up on the consumer's plate and an individuals body.


Technologies to test food and monitor nutritional statuses provide a great potential to advance nutrition. Our mission is make the market a fair and transparent playground.


We empower startups developing technologies to assess nutrients along the value chain - from farm-to-fork to our bodies. It is time for a change in nutrition.




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