Sustainability and Health: The growth opportunities of the food industry

The megatrends health, individualisation and sustainability change the food, nutrition and health industry: Sales shift from large to those small companies who gained the trust of consumers. The demand for plantbased, personalized and sustainable food is also driving the market. For companies there are numerous growth opportunities. To capture these it is essential to define the right strategy, product and service portfolio.

What we do

With our unique network of entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and scientists we deliver sustained outcomes to guide you into the future of nutrition:

  • Nutrition Advisory Board: We design an advisory board of experts to accompany your business for one year in evaluating macro and micro trends, market developments and insights to drive decisions.

  • Expert Roundtable: We design and host expert roundtable reviewing innovative products or discussing scientific questions. 

  • Sustainable Nutrition Strategy: We support you in developing a strategy capturing the relevant aspects of sustainable nutrition for your business. 

  • Employer-Branding: We host business events for experts and offer sponsor options to present your company and brand in front of our expert community.

  • Reports: We design and execute market surveys or expert interviews covering food and nutrition topics and summarize these in reports.

Who we work with

We love to work with companies who are driven to improve peoples and the planet's health. Is your organization actively seeking to make the food and nutrition space healthier and more sustainable as well as more evidence-based? Yes? Then let's talk.

About Us

Dr. Simone K. Frey

Simone is founder and managing director of NUTRITION HUB, think tank and expert community. She connects experts, startups and companies to develop actions for the future of nutrition.


Before, she had built the lab tech startup BioAnalyt from pilot phase to profitable business, has worked for investors and led the transformation of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform. She is advisor at Farm & Food 4.0 as well as at EIT Food Rising Food Stars.


Simone holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition from University of Potsdam and Columbia University and a General Management degree from ESMT business school.

Lia Marlen Schmökel


Lia has a 8+ years track record of building healthy nutrition startups from scratch and worked for venture capital firms and corporates.

She is a TEDx speaker with a strong vision for an improved food system serving the planet and its people. Business Punk voted her as one of Germany’s Top 5 Food & Lifestyle Innovators.

Lia holds a bachelor in Nutrition from University of Potsdam, an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology and a leadership certificate from University of Oxford. She is a member of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform and of Leaders for Climate Action.



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